Docker for Windows 18.06.0-ce released

18.06.0-ce-win70 (19075)

  • Upgrades
  • New
  • Bug fixes and minor changes
    • AUFS storage driver is deprecated in Docker Desktop and AUFS support will be removed in the next major release. You can continue with AUFS in Docker Desktop 18.06.x, but you will need to reset disk image (in Settings > Reset menu) before updating to the next major update. You can check documentation to save images and backup volumes
    • Fix bug which would cause VM logs to be written to RAM rather than disk in some cases, and the VM to hang.
    • Fix security issue with named pipe connection to docker service.
    • Fix VPNKit memory leak. Fixes docker/for-win#2087, moby/vpnkit#371
    • Fix restart issue when using Windows fast startup on latest 1709 Windows updates. Fixes docker/for-win#1741, docker/for-win#1741
    • DNS name host.docker.internal can be used for host resolution from Windows Containers. Fixes docker/for-win#1976
    • Fix broken link in diagnostics window.
    • Added log rotation for docker-ce logs inside the virtual machine.
    • Changed smb permission to avoid issue when trying to manipulate files with different users in containers. Fixes docker/for-win#2170

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