Describe Kubelet Service Parameters on Azure Windows node

Query Kubelet service Managed by nssm C:\k>sc qc kubelet [SC] QueryServiceConfig SUCCESS SERVICE_NAME: kubelet TYPE : 10 WIN32_OWN_PROCESS START_TYPE : 2 AUTO_START ERROR_CONTROL : 1 NORMAL BINARY_PATH_NAME : C:\k\nssm.exe LOAD_ORDER_GROUP : TAG : 0 DISPLAY_NAME : Kubelet DEPENDENCIES : docker SERVICE_START_NAME : LocalSystem Query kubelet AppParameters by nssm C:\k>nssm get kubelet Application C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe C:\k>nssm get …

Run Windows container with Hyper-V isolation mode in Kubernetes

Windows Container有两种隔离运行模式Hyper-V和Process, 参见:Isolation Modes 两种模式下的host的OS版本与containter的OS版本存在兼容性又不相同,参见:Windows container version compatibility 很明显Hyper-V模式的兼容性要比Process模式要好,向下兼容,也就是高版本的host OS可以运行低版本的container OS, 反之不行; 而Process模式下Windows Server中则要求host OS与container OS的版本完全相同, Windows 10中则不支持Process模式.   某一天,我想在Kubernetes Windows 节点中以Hyper-V模式运行Container, 于是乎发现1.17的文档中写道: Note: In this document, when we talk about Windows containers we mean Windows containers with process isolation. Windows containers with Hyper-V isolation is planned for a future release. 不甘心又google了一下,发现: 1. 有人提了bug, 已经被修复了: 2. 代码也merge了: …

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