Run application as whatever user called it (non-administrator) on Windows 10 (Supressing UAC Prompts)

cmd min C set __COMPAT_LAYER=RunAsInvoker && start "" %1 For example: @echo off set __COMPAT_LAYER=RunAsInvoker start "" XXX.exe exit /b 0 ref

An exception about FlexVolume SMB storage plugin

使用了Microsoft的一个FlexVolume SMB插件在Kubernetes Windows容器中挂载SMB存储 其中一个节点上的容器偶发性的挂载不上: E1114 09:48:35.398102 4496 driver-call.go:267] Failed to unmarshal output for command: init, output: "RunFlexVolume : \xce\u07b7\xa8\xbd\xab\xa1\xb0RunFlexVolume\xa1\xb1\xcf\xeeʶ\xb1\xf0Ϊ cmdlet\xa1\xa2\xba\xaf\xca\xfd\xa1\xa2\xbdű\xbe\xceļ\xfe\xbb\xf2\xbf\xc9\xd4\xcb\xd0г\xcc\xd0\xf2\xb5\xc4\xc3\xfb\xb3ơ\xa3\xc7\xeb\xbc\xec\xb2\xe9\xc3\xfb\xb3Ƶ\xc4ƴд\xa3\xac\xc8\xe7\xb9\xfb\xb0\xfc\xc0\xa8·\r\n\xbe\xb6\xa3\xac\xc7\xebȷ\xb1\xa3·\xbe\xb6\xd5\xfdȷ\xa3\xacȻ\xba\xf3\xd4\xd9\xca\xd4һ\xb4Ρ\xa3\r\n\xcb\xf9\xd4\xdaλ\xd6\xc3 C:\\usr\\libexec\\kubernetes\\kubelet-plugins\\volume\\exec\\\\smb.ps1:89 \xd7ַ\xfb: 1\r\n+ RunFlexVolume\r\n+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (RunFlexVolume:String) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException\r\n + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException\r\n \r\n", error: invalid character 'R' looking for beginning of value E1114 09:48:35.398102 4496 plugins.go:766] Error dynamically probing plugins: …

Two ways to retrieve process id while startup a process via Windows command line

一个特殊的机缘, 需要通过cmd.exe启动一个进程, 并且获取该启动后进程的Process ID, 搜罗到两种方法: 1. 通过wmic process call create wmic如果创建进程成功,将返回一个ReturnValue为0类JSON结构的输出, 从中获取ProcessId: C:\app>cmd.exe /C wmic process call create "c:\app\cluster\GatewayServer.exe start -id 6", "c:\app" Executing (Win32_Process)->Create() Method execution successful. Out Parameters: instance of __PARAMETERS { ProcessId = 19420; ReturnValue = 0; }; wmic如果创建进程失败, 将返回一个ReturnValue非0的输出: C:\app>wmic process call create "cluster\GatewayServer.exe start -id 6", "c:\app" Executing (Win32_Process)->Create() Method …

Close TCP and UDP ports via windows command line

The CurrPorts tool from Nirsoft can easily close a TCP/UDP connection without kill the Process via Windows command line cports.exe /close <Local Address> <Local Port> <Remote Address> <Remote Port> Example: cports.exe /close 51512 8007 Download: CurrPorts Refer:

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