For Windows Container, you need to set –image-pull-progress-deadline for kubelet

Windows镜像动则几个G, 基于Windows Server Core的镜像5~10G, Windows节点上的kubelet在下载镜像的时候经常会cancel掉: Failed to pull image "XXX": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = context canceled   造成这个问题的原因是因为默认的image pulling progress deadline是1分钟, 如果1分钟内镜像下载没有任何进度更新, 下载动作就会取消, 比较大的镜像就无法成功下载. 见官方文档: If no pulling progress is made before this deadline, the image pulling will be cancelled. This docker-specific flag only works when container-runtime is set to docker. (default …

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